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Compre Night School: Fracture: Number 3 in series (English Edition) de C. J. Daugherty na Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos. Persecución (Night School 3) (Spanish Edition) - Kindle edition by C.J. Daugherty. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Editorial Reviews. Review. All tremendous fun * Financial Times Life & Arts * Hints of tantalizing plot twists to come will have readers panting for the next.

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Night School 3 Ebook

Leia "Night School: Resistance Number 4 in series" de C. J. Daugherty disponível na Night School: Fracture - Number 3 in series eBook by C. J. Daugherty. Fracture (Night School, #3) In Fracture, the third book in the Night School series, she's not the only one losing it – everything is falling apart .. Shelves: e- book. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Persecución (Night School 3) by C.J. Daugherty at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

Finding refuge at a secret location in the south of France, Allie almost convinces herself she's safe - until Nathaniel's guards attack. Then she's on the run again, and forced to return to the one place she can truly call home: Cimmeria Academy. But when she arrives, she barely recognises it. Tensions are on a knife edge. Now most of the students have deserted the school, the teachers can't be trusted and guards are in charge. Worse, Nathaniel is close - very close - to getting everything he wants. Desperate to do something - anything! But in doing so, is she putting her friends' lives at risk? Carter and Sylvain are both ready to fight by her side - and prove their love. Allie knows she must make up her mind once and for all about who she really wants.

Unbeknownst to Reacher, the men inform on him to their friends in the Neo-nazi movement. Summoned back to America, they are then informed that the CIA believes the intended merchandise to be a computer virus, which turns out to be a red herring.

Reacher returns to Hamburg and meets the local chief of detectives, Griezman, who helps him find several more leads, including the murder of a prostitute and two black market dealers with ties to a local forger who provided the American with false documents. A witness, Helmut Klopp, then comes in and identifies the American, information that he also shares with Dremmler, a shoe seller who happens to be an influential Neo-nazi leader.

In turn, Dremmler has Muller, Griezman's deputy chief, secretly shadow Reacher's investigation. The terrorists, meanwhile, arrange for the courier who had originally dealt with the American to be murdered in Kiev for their own protection, and send a new messenger, a woman, to complete the deal. Despite Griezman's attempts to intercept her, the messenger meets with Wiley and confirms the deal before leaving Germany.

Everybody are hiding something and everyone is scared about who might be the traitor between them that provides informations from inside to Nathaniel Old enemies suddenly become allies and Carter is treating towards Allie in a very strange and full of anger way!!! So now that she had returned she is trying to trained more hard for being able to fight against Nathaniel's people They all cooperate to discover the traitor and to find a solution about how they can resist to He won't rest until take in his hands what he really wants So the negotiations begins but Nathaniel request Allie's present and she can do anything else from accepting for the shake of the people that she loves But her friends don't agree with her decision So what will happened????

Their plan will work??? Or Nathaniel will take the upper hand??? As for the emotional part, Allie is torn between Carter and Sylvain She's attracted to Sylvain, but her heart ache for her ex She is trying so hard to persuade herself that when she and Carter look each other intense, it doesn't mean anything!!! Or when Carter is the only one who understand her and can calm her when she's having panic attacks!!!! Or when they touch each other accidentally!!! She's defiant, hurt and lashes out in mean ways and while she may seem like a brat, she's actually portrayed very realistically.

She was the only one there when Jo died. She blames and hates herself and when it doesn't feel big enough, she starts to blame everyone else around her. Later in the book, Allie realizes that she's not the only person who lost a friend that night and that everyone is doing what they can to find the person responsible for helping Jo's killer get inside the school.

My heart really goes out to Allie, but I'm glad she finally snapped out of her grief-stricken stage and decided that the best way to avenge Jo was is to fight back. Even Carter and Sylvain decided to put their personal grudge behind them for now and work together, for both Allie and Jo.

It was strange to see this unlikely alliance, but it was also really great to see Sylvain and Carter as well as Rachel, Nicole and Zoe work as a team.

They have brilliant chemistry and it's exciting and entertaining to see them in action. I'm still waving my Team Carter flag, but I have to admit, Sylvain is growing on me. For someone who I didn't think could be redeemed, Syl turned out to be the only one who is giving the confidence and warmth Allie desperately needs. Carter is acting like his older self that we met in the first book not really sure who he was in the second but he still has a lot of issues that he needs to work out.

Which brings me to the romance. For now, that part of the story is on hold, but I'm actually glad that Daugherty took this step for Allie. She has so many conflicting problems right now that it would feel forced for her to just pick up where she left off with Slyvain at the Winter ball and her heart still breaks when she thinks of Carter.

Allie is confused and lost right now and the last thing she needs to focus on is her love life. So there isn't any romance in this book, but we still got a few heated moments that made my heart smile. All in all, Fracture is another thrilling installment in the Night school series. I'm enjoying the slow but steady rhythm in the plot, the writing is remarkable and these characters are beautifully complicated and compelling.

I also really liked the way this ended. It was action packed and gripping and I'm mighty curious where Daugherty will take this next. Another amazing read in the Night School series! View all 16 comments. I didn't highlight a single quote?

I think it's getting a bit boring.. Or maybe it's me I don't know.

After a failed escape, Allie returns to Cimmeria with a renewed strength and a taste for revenge. While she still has trust issues, she knows Cimmeria is the only pla 4.

With each installment, C. J Daugherty proves herself anew both as a writer and as a master of characterization. Her protagonist is a year-old who is going through things no teen ever should, so some reactions and rash decisions are normal and even expected. Nothing was glossed over, not the anger, not the guilt, and certainly not the rashness of an emotionally immature individual.

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Although present, romance takes a back seat in Fracture as we finally discover what Night School is all about. I am still firmly Team Sylvain. Regardless of the perspective, Daugherty is a very skilled writer with an excellent sense of pacing.

I always thought her books were compulsively readable, but the desperate need to keep turning those pages was stronger than ever with Fracture.

There were clues before and I had my suspicions, but in Fracture, the purpose of Night School becomes abundantly clear — and scarier than ever. Night School is proving to be a consistently good series — something we sorely lack. I hope it will get even more fans with the US release date so near. View all 5 comments.

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Feb 25, Caitlyn rated it really liked it Shelves: Review for fracture will be coming soon. Book 2 review below for the time being. Wasn't much of a fan of legacy, it sort of enraged me actually, what with all the subliminal messages.

In lights of the whole Allie-and-Sylvain issue that went down in the first book, i had a very tough time understanding why Allie is so forgiving towards him. Fair enough, he apologised a couple of times, but he still pretty much forced himself on her. Nothing drastic happened, but to me, that's enough. I just don' Review for fracture will be coming soon. I just don't trust his whole 'I'm-actually-such-a-nice guy' attitude, however many times he helps her out of shit. The whole story was still a little questionable to me and I just couldn't deal with the whole weird love triangle, it was pretty messed up in my eyes.

Honestly, did no one think about the subliminal messages and the entirely misplaced morals in the story? On a brighter side, I quite enjoyed the first book, so i'm very much hoping Fracture will end up changing my mind and bring some redemption.

But seriously, if Allie doesn't end up with carter, i'm gonna lose my shit, yo. View all 27 comments.


Jun 01, Rebecca rated it it was amazing Shelves: Honestly I can't wait for this - but really actually want Allie to end up with Carter I genuinely think Jerry's gonna be the spy - he seemed a little weird in the second book Still a really compelling read though and it'll be good to know why Christopher decided to join Nathaniel I'm looking forward to this book but seriously do hope it's Carter she ends up with , I still haven't quite forgiven Sylvain for his prior misdemeanors I don't quite know how they're going to get out of this Honestly I can't wait for this - but really actually want Allie to end up with Carter I'm looking forward to this book but seriously do hope it's Carter she ends up with , I still haven't quite forgiven Sylvain for his prior misdemeanors I don't quite know how they're going to get out of this situation Not with Allie gone and I think she's the only one that can really end it but I fear that the only way could be by letting herself be caught by Nathaniel and breaking them up essentially from the inside of his 'group'.

I have to say that I'm also a tad bit in love with Zoe , she's adorable: D Great book , I'm eagerly anticipating the next one View 1 comment.

Meine Reihenrezension: Finally, I'm finishing another book of this series! I really liked this third part.

Night School: Legacy: Number 2 in series eBook: C. J. Daugherty: Kindle Store

We finally get to know a bit more of Allie's family and the background of Cimmeria and the board. Allie's friends are back with her and together they are quite badass. I really like every single one of them for their special characters. I wasn't all satisfied with the ending, but as there are still two more books, I suspected something like this. It makes it kind of a cliffhanger and I can't wait to read on! Aug 03, Sophie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fracture begins with an upset Allie, planning to leave Cimmeria.

After her failed escape, Allie struggles to come to terms with the events of Legacy, and the fact she still feels, even more so than earlier, that she can't trust anyone at Cimmeria. The romance in this novel, though subdued, is still there, and I've got to say I definitely preferred Sylvain in this book than the previous books, though Carter is still my favourite of the two.

Carter did come across as a bit of a jackass in this boo Fracture begins with an upset Allie, planning to leave Cimmeria. Carter did come across as a bit of a jackass in this book, which made me definitely dislike him, and I agree that him and Allie definitely appeared not to be a suitable fit here because of that. Allie, who is struggling so much, is the perfect teenage protagonist in this series.

She never appears wholly perfect, she makes mistakes, and is emotional - just like any teenage girl would be. Night School plays a major role in this instalment, with more secrets and intrigue coming out, and the action is ramped up even further. Yet again, the ending was dramatic, and full of feels, and I'm so pleased I was able to read book 4 immediately after finishing this. I would recommend this book to everyone, it has quickly become one of my favourite series.

Spannung pur Bin gespannt wie es weitergeht. El libro me ha encantado, se ha superado la autora con creces. Feb 01, Annna rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the best book in the series!!! You have mystery,romance and every single thing you didn't know about Night school and Orion.

I read it in less then three days. You just can't let it out your hands. One time I was arguing with my sister, because she wanted to go to sleep and I wanted to read. OK,it was midnight,we were alone, but it was the best part. At the end she left to sleep and I was reading in the other room.

No blood. So,I don't know why,but t This is the best book in the series!!! So,I don't know why,but this is the sadest book in the series. Actally,that's Legacy,but tears were just comming out of me like a river, and here is why: Or even worse friends forever. That's a really long time,and you couldn't survive one month.

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