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Lynne Graham - The Expectant Bride. Home · Lynne Lynne Graham - Prisoner of passion · Read more A Savage Betrayal (Lynne Graham Collection). oxford world's classics EAST LYNNE Ellen Wood, or 'Mrs Henry Wood' as she styled herself for professional purposes, wa. Damiano's Return. By Lynne Graham CHAPTER ONE EDEN was in the changing cubicle pinning up the hem on a customer's skirt when she heard the shop.

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Lynne Graham Uploady - [Free] Lynne Graham Uploady [PDF] [EPUB] -. LYNNE GRAHAM UPLOADY. Author: Sabrina Kruger. Analisis Karbohidrat Protein Dan . Cozakis Bride Lynne Graham - [Free] Cozakis Bride Lynne Graham [PDF] [EPUB] -. COZAKIS BRIDE LYNNE GRAHAM. Author: Wolfgang Ziegler. The Hospital. 5 days ago Prisoner Of Passion Lynne Graham - [Free] Prisoner Of Passion Lynne Graham [ PDF] [EPUB]. Prisoner (also known as Prisoner: Cell Block H in.

Shelves: hero-behaving-badly , open-library , author-lynne-graham , harlequin-presents , feel-good-funny , revenge-by-heroine Oh, this is a fun story that should be titled "The one with the diva dog at doggy daycare. Even the hero was touched by the dog's sadness at being away from his mistress. So backing into this review. The hero is a tough guy, descended from not one but two Mafia crime families. Lucky for him, he grew up in England in poverty and obscurity. He's a self-made man Oh, this is a fun story that should be titled "The one with the diva dog at doggy daycare. He's a self-made man in electronics. The heroine is the illegitimate daughter of a social climbing liar and thief who stole the hero's mother's money as well as a lot of other people's money. The action begins when the hero decides to take tardy revenge on the heroine's father. His added revenge bonus is to make the heroine his mistress, since he fell in insta-lust for her when they met cute when Piglet tried to bite him. And so it goes - another LG where the virgin heroine wins the hero's heart. Poor heroine also has to deal with her father's betrayal and the hero's less than stellar quality of needing revenge.

Of course, she lied and said she wasn't, and he was all, Thank God! Kitty was kicked out by her not-so-loving grandparents who thought her pregnancy made her a trampy immoral slut, so she ran away. How hateable. But as it turns out, Jake's okay.

He's not some oblivious, I'm-not-an-ass-I'm-God's-gift-to-you moron who doesn't realize how horribly he's treating the heroine. He's not a womanizer and he has no delusions about what he does- he knows he's ruining both of their lives. He's not my favorite Hero ever and I could still beat him up for thinking it'd be okay to marry someone else, but I don't hate him a bit because his reasons were actually legit.

I cried for what Kitty suffered, but I also actually cried for Jake too, cos he suffered almost as much. And it's awful but I found it so satisfying to know he neglected his wife and there was no doubt to anyone that she was a secondary, peripheral choice. It was interesting to see an Alpha male do his steamrolling of the heroine in such a tentative, uncertain way. You know how Alpha Heroes just bully, blackmail, and generally force the heroine to do what they want, including marriage?

Jake's every bit an Alpha male, but he does his forcing with a good helping of desperate wooing. Like the way he showed up in the middle of the night with champagne and glasses. Or the way he proposed marriage to her, then grabbed at straws to assume her consent.

It was also very gratifying that Kitty had the upper hand on Jake the whole time. He thinks she's back because she was dumped by her on-off much-older boyfriend and that she's struggling financially. The truth is, she wanted to try her hand at writing novels and she's actually very rich and successful, and her supposed boyfriend is actually her father, an extremely famous actor who showers money and expensive gifts on her; he even bought her the ancestral home of Jake's family.

So unusual to have the heroine be wealthier than the Hero. Anyway no spoilers but this one will give you a good cry if you're in the mood for some worthy angst. View all 9 comments. Not a fan of weak heroes and their weak-ass love! Based on what I know, the hero didn't fight hard enough for the heroine. All the angst in the world doesn't make up for unsympathetic, asshole characters. They supposedly shared the same father.


Okay, so the "truth" killed any love he had, but I still feel he owed Kitty honesty. Jake justified his implicit trust in his mothe Not a fan of weak heroes and their weak-ass love! Jake justified his implicit trust in his mother because they were close. He'd been close with Kitty too, but dropped her like a hot potato. Jake treated Kitty cruelly when breaking up with her, telling her she should terminate the pregnancy if she found herself pregnant. He believed it would have been an abomination, but what if he was wrong?

He was. Jake could have easily told Kitty his version of the truth, or at least been more kind to her about it all. At this point, what did he have to lose after all? No, this "man" selfishly and willingly abandoned his teen lover, leaving her to fend for herself.

So chivalrous! Jake immediately married another woman he apparently didn't love AND later had a child with her. Are you 'effin kidding me? Of course, Kitty managed to stay celibate during their eight years apart. Remember, Kitty had absolutely no clue about his line of thinking.

Jake not telling her all of this seemed like a double betrayal. View all 7 comments. Aug 20, Vintage rated it did not like it Shelves: A 1 star read for me, but 4 star angst. I don't see a happily ever after in the works for these two for so, so many reasons. Despite being friends as children, and holding a longterm love for each other, he is a sadistic, arm-twisting SOB that thinks the worst of her at every turn, and she, with her traitorous body and inability to open her mouth once to spill some much needed truth, takes it like chump.

Yuck and ick. Are you so spineless, tiny h, that you are incapable of defending yourself? I guess the answer is yes. This is how you do it by lying and pretending to be your father's mistress? I'm crossing lines here and letting logic rear its boring head. Then we have the secondary characters.

Again, yuck and ick. I guess being raised by emotional wolves, makes the h the perfect little emotional victim for the H. View all 4 comments.

May 27, Jasbell76 rated it liked it Shelves: This book was very different from all the ones I have read by Lynne Graham. Most of the time while I was reading the book I was in tears. Nov 16, sbf rated it it was amazing.

Lynne Graham - The Expectant Bride

This one is much more serious and dark -- reminds me more of old Penny Jordan romances. I felt drawn in right away I'm a sucker for reunion stories , and the emotional angst was there from the start. I thought it was slightly too long in the middle -- there was a point when I felt like all they'd done was sling insults and kiss each other for too long and I needed a break and the plot wasn't going anywhere. But then finally things moved along and it was pretty great.

I didn't anticipate the plot twist, but it was a good one and really exonerated the hero. So overall, I liked this one!

Sep 12, Jacqueline J rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was full of the crazy old skool. Lots of meat to this story of a soap opera actress coming home to the town she left behind at And coming home to the man who broke her heart.

They couldn't stay away from each other. This hero was very different in that he was poorer than the heroine and was just finishing up schooling to become a veterinarian. The misunderstandings and everything that kept them apart were substantial and well written. Just an all around fun read. Nov 23, iamGamz rated it really liked it Shelves: This one blew me away.

This is a book about loss and lies and soul deep pain. Kitty and Jake grew up together. He was the only son of wealthiest family in the town, and she the poor bastard girl that no one loved. Jake being five years older took her under his wing and cared for her. Became her only friend in a very sad childhood.

As they grew older that friendship grew into love. When Kitty was 17 they shared one forbidden night, but the viciousness of the ones around them destroyed what th Wow! When Kitty was 17 they shared one forbidden night, but the viciousness of the ones around them destroyed what they shared.

Eight years later Kitty returns to her hometown as a celebrity to find that Jake's family had lost everything. They are thrown back together and the sparks fly. But in-spite of their undeniable attraction to each other the pain and secrets of the past conspire to keep them tearing each other apart. I started this book on a work day and became sooo frustrated that I couldn't finish it in one sitting. It's one of those books that compels you to read it until you are done.

This is a serious keeper and a book I will read again. The best Lynne Graham book that I have read - and I've read a lot of her books! Aug 22, Sapheron rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kind of a sweet book. Kitty's pain was palpable throughout, and then when we find out what drives Jake to some of his decisions, his bad behavior - which could have earned this a is her life better for knowing him spot on my shelf - is completely vindicated.

Kitty could have caused herself a lot of new heartache though by telling him some home truths. Jul 23, Roub rated it really liked it. I'm still reading this one, but I'm struggling to find it plausible. She h I'm still reading this one, but I'm struggling to find it plausible. She has flu. She nearly died. She almost certainly has lung damage. He fixes it for her to wear his grandma's old wedding dress. Let's recap: Day 1: Heroine has severe flu and her house burns down with her inside it Day 2: Hero asks heroine out to dinner she's still bedridden from flu Day 4: Why not at least give it a couple of bloody weeks?

Jun 16, Missy rated it really liked it. Secret love. Being an unwanted child after her mother dies giving birth, Kitty grows up idolizing the one person that gave her attention and kindness, Jake.

Rich, handsome, and caring Jake had been waiting for Kitty to growup to claim her in marriage. Not realizing the bad forces in the background that want to keep them apart. Lies get told Kitty is strong and determined to resist Jake Secret love. Kitty is strong and determined to resist Jake, as he can only bring heartache. She is smart in realizing she still loves him but he is no good for her. Jake on the other hand seems determined to spend time with her even when she makes it plain she does not want him there.

You don't really get a feel for his thoughts and his reasons, so they remain a mystery until he confesses all. A very nice emotional angsty read. Started off really slow but turned out to be a good story.

Kitty, the heroine, suffered a lot because of Jake, the hero, in the past. The last straw of pain was her grandmother's death in her depression, so she decides to go back to her old house and take a grip of her life. She doesn't expect to face Jake again and from the moment she sees him, her painful-hated-wanted love for him shatters her life again You acutely understand the deep grief of both the hero and the heroine and their inner struggle. A lovely story with such an wonderfully intriguing wr Kitty, the heroine, suffered a lot because of Jake, the hero, in the past.

A lovely story with such an wonderfully intriguing writing style that hooks the reader. A recommended read. Very nice and somewhat different from other Graham work. She is an unity on her own The heroine is a weak pushover ruled by her lust; the hero is a misogynistic pig ruled by his lust. They knew and loved each other as children, but have never in their lives been able to be honest with each other. After they sleep together when she is 17 and he 22! She tells him she is not pregnant but she is, and she runs off and reappears as the supposed mistress of a much older famous actor who view spoiler [ is really her father!

They get married while still keeping the secrets that would clear up all the angst in their relationship — what a couple of masochists. Otherwise, ugh ugh ugh. The whole thing reads like a condensed soap opera. Jun 18, Carlie rated it did not like it. I particularly disliked the characters in this book. I annoyingly struggled to finish reading it hoping that the latter chapters would make me change my mind about it but hell, I really hated it.

The heroine acted like a doormat pretty much all through out the book. She let everyone misunderstood her, have the guy she once swore she loved to practically swallow her whole personality. He practically calls her a whore and she still falls under his feet. I found it so infuriating as well how she le I particularly disliked the characters in this book. I found it so infuriating as well how she let everyone important in her life practically step over her, the egocentric hero was so far up his ass, he wasn't having any of it.

I was mostly annoyed how the hero bombarded her with insults having an older lover who turned out to be her father after all and yet she just stood there taking it in without an ounce of a backbone to defend herself. For a strong female heroine, she's submissive as hell and didn't have enough angst to ever clear her name nor defend herself.

An Insatiable Passion Is it always the way of the haves and have-nots that can test love apart? Here in this story both families did not want the union of the young couple. They tore them apart. She was sent away. Now years later she is a famous actress. She goes back to check out her grandparents house. And to figure out what she will do with it. He is now a widower with a child. Will the lies and secrets that tore them apart finally be told? Was there any chance of their feelings for each other An Insatiable Passion Is it always the way of the haves and have-nots that can test love apart?

Was there any chance of their feelings for each other still there? Nov 02, Romina rated it it was ok Shelves: H and h were pretty annoying, but besides that, not badly written. The 'evil' mother though was a bit of a caricature. Another angsty old harlequin. Apr 05, Ipshita Ranjana rated it really liked it. It was well written with likable characters, lots of angst and an enjoyable story line. It was a second chance romance of childhood sweethearts who separated because of some unfortunate circumstances but get a second shot at love when the heroine returns to her hometown,eight years later.

Kitty is a successful actor but she has not forgotten her humble upbringing and the heartache, Jake caused her. Jake is an alpha hero with a bossy attitude. It was a little bit difficult for me to like him because my sympathies were with Kitty. There are a ton of misunderstandings, angst and miscommunication in this story. Therefore prepare to be on a roller coaster ride with this one. The romance was passionate and the characters have a very long past behind them so it made their connection even more believable.

Overall, an enjoyable romance and a must read for every Lynne Graham fan. She becomes rich and downloads his family home when they lose their money. As Kitty Colgan returns home for her beloved grandmother's funeral she is determined to lay the ghosts of her past to rest. Gone is the innocently naive young girl whose heart was broken so terribly by Jake Tarrant, and in her place stands an internationally renowned actress full of poise and grace.

But when face-to-face with Jake once more, the layers of cultivated sophistication drop away, for Jake is still incredi Reversal.

But when face-to-face with Jake once more, the layers of cultivated sophistication drop away, for Jake is still incredibly attractive…and infinitely more dangerous.

Lynne Graham | Female | Family

Mar 02, Linda rated it really liked it. Miscommunication, secrets, hurt feelings and a meddling relative caused a break between Kitty and Jake eight years ago. The passion still exists between them, though, and when Kitty returns to her old home, hes there to welcome her.

This is classic Lynne Graham and HP in all its angsty glory. I normally stay away from angsty book but for some reason, when it comes to Harlequin Presents, angst really work. Very different from the typical LG storyline of European billionaires and accidental pregnancy which is a refreshing change. Jul 09, Janie rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this book and the manga comic version!

Jul 13, Amanda S. Classic HQ romance and reminds me a lot of Diana Palmer's plot. The fairies? The past week has been one long, relentless slog for me. I haven't been sitting around sipping tea. I've been serving it.

Hm... Are You a Human?

I wouldn't marry you either, Carter, not if you went down on your bended knees and begged. Telling you, blonde heroes are not the way to go. Vincent Devil in Winter and Valentine Duke of Sin are the two exceptions, and they are still out and out utter bastards to everyone except for their beloved heroines. She wants to take care of the housekeeper and get money to help set up life with the wannabe fiance that was kicked off the island.

The H who has been protective in the past says okay as much as to rile the bad cousin as to help out the h. He rapes forcibly seduces her and annihilates her self esteem. Jokes on him when she has a mini-breakdown. For a couple that has known each other all their live, there is no chemistry, camaraderie, feelings of shared past, inside jokes, humor.

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