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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Coupland's thematic sequel to Generation X strives Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Literature & Fiction. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Newcomer Coupland sheds light on an often Advanced Search · Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Literature & Fiction Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture by [Coupland, Douglas]. Generation X is Douglas Coupland's classic novel about the generation born in the late s and s—a generation known until then simply as twenty somethings. Andy, Claire, and Dag, each in their twenties, have quit pointless jobs in their respective hometowns to find better.

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Douglas Coupland Generation A Ebook

Read "Generation X Tales for an Accelerated Culture" by Douglas Coupland available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today, get NT$ off your first download and. Generation X by Douglas Coupland; 12 editions; First published in DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY). Generation A is set in the near future in a world where bees are extinct, until five unconnected people Generation A. A Novel. by Douglas Coupland. ebook.

Synopsis[ edit ] Coupland's website has a synopsis of the novel: In the near future bees are extinct—until one autumn when five unconnected individuals, in Iowa, New Zealand, Paris, Ontario, and Sri Lanka, are stung. Immediately snatched up by ominous figures in hazmat suits, interrogated separately in neutral Ikea-like chambers, and then released as minute-celebrities into a world driven almost entirely by the internet, these five unforgettable people endure a barrage of unusual and highly 21st-century circumstances. A charismatic scientist with dubious motives eventually brings the quintet together on a remote Canadian island. But their shared experience unites them in a way they could never have imagined. He is a corn farmer in Mahaska County , Iowa. He has Attention Deficit Disorder , and a fondness for cursing and acting against the social grain. For instance, when he is stung, he is currently carving a large image of a penis and testicles into his corn field, so that it could be photographed from space. Samantha Tolliver Samantha is the second character to be stung. Her parents had recently told her that they do not believe in anything anymore, such as God and religion. When she is stung, she is creating an Earth Sandwich, where two people place two slices of bread on exactly opposite sides of the planet using GPS coordinates.

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Generation A by Douglas Coupland

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Generation A

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Stung Together

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Lauren Groff. Every Last Lie. All three are in their twenties and work in low-paying jobs that do not require much responsibility or interest. The reader is told in three stories how each of them ended up in Palm Springs. Dag was dissatisfied with his yuppie career in Toronto, so he quit his job after having offended his boss and moved into the desert.

Claire met Andy when she participated in a family trip to Palm Springs; he advised her to quit her job in Los Angeles and move to Palm Springs, which she did shortly after, she as well was annoyed and depressed from pursuing her career. The life of these three characters is described, their routines, and in particular their policy of storytelling: they tell each other stories, either real or fictional; they do not criticize or interrupt each other.

Here, it was used to describe people that do not fit into other groups; Fussel used the term bohemians Porsche, 5. Coupland brings the term to a new level.

As it is the title of the novel, we can assume that the three main characters represent the essence of generation X for Coupland.

Do the tales begin to resemble each other? Submit yourself to any number of modern digital networking methods Start a vlog, play a game of World of Warcraft, attempt an Earth sandwich.

How do these activities compare to reading and telling stories? Whose voice would you choose to speak to? Is there a medication you feel that numbs people in a similar fashion? It simply makes you stop ovethtinking your near future while giving your head the cool clean sense of accomplishment you get after reading many books at a go.

I think Americans are weirdly puritanistic about psychopharmaceuticals. There are millions of people out there who would otherwise be dead or rocking by themselves in a corner who now lead full and normal lives because of amazing and wonderful scientific advances.

I do have major problems with the way the US medical system has monetized these amd most drugs to extract as much money out of consumers as they can. I think Americans would be horrified if they saw that they pay ten times as much for goods and services the entire rest of the planet gets cheaply and easily.

What was your process for crafting this story?

Books arrive in my head all at once and then it becomes an month process of getting it all down on paper. Did you write sequentially, or did you treat one character at a time? Always sequentially. And I never go back and remove chunks or move them around. You utilize a number of drastically different narrative voices throughout the novel — was it difficult to change tones and perspectives within the same book? Characters in a book are very much like personalities divvied up within a family.

In the end it all averages out to a sort of overall averageness. Did you ever find yourself slipping from one character into another? There is a large amount of scientific data in the book—namely, the idea of neuro-proteins and the secretion of chemicals from cells.

Do you believe in the possibilities of synthetic biology? Artificial life? Any day now. For real.

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